The Gr8 Hotel All Inclusive Deal

Low Season Weekends November 2013 - March 2014 (excluding Christmas and New Year)

Friday to Sunday £99.00

High Season Monday to Friday only just £149 and ½ price for U 18’s

The Gr8 Hotels worry free all inclusive deals include:

·         Accommodation in a town centre hotel

·         Main meals and snacks throughout the day and late into the night.

·         All drinks* during the bars opening hours between Midday – 04:00. (Midnight midweek offer). U 18’s wine with meals with paretnts permission)

·         VIP entrance cards in to Blackpool’s premium nightspots.

·         Friendly experienced staff.

·         Some minibus parking.

There are no hidden fees, you can literally leave your money in your room and come down stairs and join the fun. Where the bar’s guaranteed to have a good atmosphere because no one needs to have warm drinks up in their room when the drinks are inclusive. Then either head off in to town to take advantage of your VIP cards, or stay in the bar and make the most of the food and drink, it’s all available until 4 am, and don’t worry we provide a late breakfast!

Free Bar Includes

Draught Beers Wines (125ml glass)

• Carling • House dry White

• Carlsberg • House medium dry White

• House Red

Bottles/Cans •House Rose

• Budweiser Spirits (Single measures only)

• Becks

• 25ml Whisky

Draught Cider • 25ml Gin

• 25ml Dark Rum

• Strongbow • 25ml White Rum

• 25ml Vodka

Alcohopops • 25ml Brandy

• VS (all varieties) • Tea/Coffee and soft drinks



Only £99 for the whole weekend, Friday to Sunday.

Only £149 Monday – Friday U 18’s ½ price

Why 'All Inlcusive'

·         Everything is taken care of, with everything paid up front there's less stress.

·         No need to buy that extra round! Or lose your money as the night goes on.

·         No need for rushed pre drinks on the way to town.

·         A good selection of drinks

·         No need to drink warm drinks in your room while waiting for your friends.

·         No need to down drinks, the bar is open until 4.00 am

·         Keeps your group together for longer, creating an atmosphere in the bar.

·         Your Free VIP pass shows you all the hotspots in town.

·         All meals are included which helps reduce your blood alcohol concentration.

·         We look after our guests, we even have our own sophisticated breathalyser kit for the Sunday drivers.

·         We have tea, coffee and soft drinks avaliable at all times

*Selected drinks only, includes house spirits with mixer, lager, cider, and bottles. All wristband wearing all inclusive patrons will be issued with one glass on arrival, this glass can then be swapped for the drink of your choice throughout your stay i.e. only one drink at a time (not including soft drinks, which can be consumed in addition of your allotted glass). Any patron we feel to be too intoxicated will have their glass revoked until they are deemed sober enough to have it back.


Our Late night bar with friendly staff is open till early morning. We serve a wide range of Branded drinks at reasonable prices.

Late Night Bar

For our larger groups we offer FREE Entry Passes to Night Clubs and Bars in Blackpool saving you money on Admission and Queue Jump to Selected Venues..

Free Entry Passes